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Friday, March 5, 2010

Corned Beef Hash ..?

Corned Beef Hash 1


Corned Beef

I went to the Philippinnes for the first time just before Chinese New Year. There was a production start up at an important new account and I had to go to lend support. Despite all the kidnapping tales and stories about rifles-armed gurkhas guarding factories, I actually found myself looking forward to my first trip to Manila. Long before I had any idea that the new account would commercialise in Manila, I had known exactly what I wanted from Manila - Tabang Talangka- the famous crab fat/crab roe that I had first read about at Chubby Hubby's guest blog by Amy Ma.

Hence, when my trip was set to take place, I contacted Trissa for advice on where to eat and what to buy when I am in Manila. I touched down in Manila at about 4pm and had a business appointment at 7pm. The hour or so in between, I headed straight to the nearest super market.

Priority was of course, the Crab Fat- which I got but as I browsed through the aisles, I started to understand a little about the Filipinos' eating preferences. One particular section I lingered over for a long time were the shelves for Corned Beef...
I was in awe. It was clear, Filipinos love corned beef. Unlike in Singapore, where we probably will get 2, at most 3 brands of corned beef at the supermarket - they devote a whole aisle to Corned beef - of different brands, different packing sizes and different forms. What first lured me into the aisle was the tiny 100g corned beef cans - smaller than our smallest sardine cans, they were selling for S$0.50 (which is US$0.35). I thought the small packing was brilliant as it is extremely convenient for quick snacks or one to two person. Then, they have Corned beef chunks, corned beef flakes and corned beef in extra long shreds... I was dazzled... For fun, I bought 2 tiny cans of flaked CB and a mid sized can in extra long shreds.

When I got back and shared my observation with my Philippinno HR director, he affirmed my observation and told me the tiny cans are convenient for snacking  and that I can mix them with egg white and make corned beef hash.. There were no directions but I wondered about his suggestion. When I googled on corned beef hash, I did not come across any recipes that are made by pan frying CB with egg white. Instead, there are many recipes that called for corned beef to be cooked with onions, potatoes, tomatoes etc. Filipino versions almost always serve these with rice - and very often, you find this topped with an egg either poached or fried and almost always with a runny yolk.

Hence, armed with these impressions, I set out to experiment without following any recipes in particular... and with that, I have consumed my first mini can of flaky corned beef... and... whisper whisper, corned beef hash tastes amazingly good with rice - I was rather taken by suprise.


Recipe :


1x 100g can of corned beef flakes
1/2 onion,diced
2 cloves garlic
1 egg
1/2 bowl cooked white rice
1 medium sized potato


1. I peeled and shredded the potato into ribbon shreds with my Microplane Ribbon cheese grater. Many recipes used diced potatoes. Soak shredded potato in salt water.

When ready to cook, drain potato and squeeze dry.

2. In a hot frying pan add oil and fry onion and garlic quickly. Add corned beef and continue to fry. Add potato and mix well in the frying pan. Flatten 'hash' into a flat pancake. Let pancake fry to brown and crisp texture.

3. Lay this on white rice. Separately, fry an egg to set egg white. Egg yolk should remain runny. Top this on the Corned Beef Hash.

* There is already too much seasoning in the corned beef, hence I did not have to add any more salt. However, I believe a little pepper would work well.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Just look at the photo, I'm salivated, look so delicious !

Angie's Recipes said...

The thought of biting into the hash just makes me hungry! Excellent click!

Zurin said...

ooh corned beef is delicious beyond words but very unhealthy beyond words too

i used to cook CB in the early days of our marraige but no more after we had kids...didnt want them salivating over corned beef...n they have no idea what it tastes like nor do they ever think of it..

but u are making me salivate and i think i feel very strong pangs for corned beef now...o my..n the foto makes my pangs even worse..beautiful !

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Zu, totally agree with you. In Singapore I don't remember having bought any corned beef for the last 30 years! Lots of salt and fat...

La Table De Nana said...

I think I have had it in Reubens,some reubens..

It seems to go well with eggs:) Isn't it fun to look and find different ingredients than at home>
Cristal clear shots..always Shirley..
You are an adventuter.
I maybe was a bit.. .. perhaps ..sometimes.. on occasion when I was much younger~

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Shirley, you're such a busy girl! I remember you sending me that email before boarding your flight to The Philippines. :) That dish looks like pure, unadulterated comfort food. I may not eat beef anymore, but I do remember eating lots of corned beef with rice or bread, growing up.

pigpigscorner said...

oh hubs would love this! He's a big fan of corned beef.

Carolyn said...

I have never had this but it does look good!
Enjoy your weekend,

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Putting my hand up for being a corned beef lover too! I love it fried with onion and egg too. It's such a comforting meal! :D

tigerfish said...

I hardly eat corned beef. It seems always too salty for me..maybe I have not come across a good brand/product of canned corned beef?

Anonymous said...

The egg yolk oozing out just made me hungry. Lovely shots! Haven't had corn beef for a while. You have made me want to cook some now.

Trissa said...

Hi Shirley - Im not sure where my first comment went but anyway - I still sort of remember what I said - basically - I wanted to know if the Philippines could adopt you! You did us proud with the corned beef. The best way to eat it is really with a bowl of steaming rice and a fried egg - and some people also like it with ketchup - but for me as you have it - fantastic!

Rabbittrick said...

i am in tears!!

i just touched down in Singapore JUST THIS MORNING at 7am after spending the long weekend there. and i'm totally bummed that I didn't read all this before I went. it sure would have made the whole trip better knowing there was this wonderful thing (crab fat) that i was missing out on. dang.


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