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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Soft Bun Roll With Chocolate Ganache

Choc Roll6

Choco Roll7

Choc Roll2

As much as my blog is my own indulgent space and that I can choose to be cavalier about it if I wanted to, I do find myself wanting to believe that as I continue to leave little toe prints in the blogosphere, I am bettering myself at the same time. I have learnt heaps since I have started blogging, and have been inspired by many great fellow bloggers who have displayed such mind boggling dedication in the ways they manage their own spaces.

Dedication, passion and discipline play vital roles in what we do in our life everyday. They are, for example, the fuel that powered my mother's ability to stay at home full time to bring up her 3 children without any dosmetic help. Whether it was a chore or a joy, she had played her role remarkably well and I know, because we are the results of her effort.

I have to believe that, if my mother can juggle her roles so well, then surely  I, as her daugher, should  be able to do so with something as trivial as blogging and working...  

I have been traveling for a week now and am glad that I am now back in Hong Kong where I have free access to Blogger. Once I run back into Mainland China tomorrow, I can forget about even leaving a comment on blogger. I had prepared 3 dishes before I left home to be posted while I am on the road - a silent commitment I have made to myself to be consistent and dedicated.

When I had decided to make this chocolate soft roll, I had thought that it would be easy for I already had the full-bodied chocolate ganache from my chocolate macarons sitting in my fridge. However, little had I known that shaping the dough into a cone shape could be more tricky than I had thought.

Rolling out the bread dough into long strings without them breaking apart requires the dough to be perfectly proofed and the seams of each piece of dough well tucked. The final shaped buns did not manifest the tapering snail-shell appearance I was hoping for. The buns made from my original sweet soft buns was soft and fluffy. Filled with the full bodied chocolate ganache, it was difficult to stop at one bun. So till I get back from my travels to share more goodies, I leave you with these chocolatey tea time treats.

Choc Roll6(250)-1
Recipe :

Sweet Soft Buns Recipe here.
Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe here.

1. After the first proofing (40mins), divide the dough into 40g portion.
2. Let the portioned dough proof for 10 mins.
3. On a lightly floured board, shape each piece of dough into an oval football shape.
4. Flatten (3) with the palm of the hand, fold the dough into half, length wise. Tuck in the seam to close it.
5. Roll (4) on a lightly floured board.into a long noodle like string until it is about 40cm long.
6. Twirl (5) round a cornette mold and let the dough proof again for another 40mins.
7. Brush with egg wash and bake for 12-15 mins at 175C until golden brown.
8. Remove from oven, cool down completely, demold and pipe in Dark Chocolate Ganache.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to make sweet soft buns at home. Note to myself must do it soon. Love the ganache filling.

penny aka jeroxie said...

New blog design! I love it sweetie :0

busygran said...

My grandsons will drool if they were to see your pictures. Choc ganache filling is simply great!

La Table De Nana said...

So when is the Shirley Shoppe opening? created little masterpiecees.

shaz said...

Looks like a perfect decadent breakfast :)

daphne said...

I agree! Blogging is a chance to extend ourselves as well. Welcome back!!!!! (although I'm overseas? how funny!) What a way to celebrate with these chocolate finger buns. Oh, I could have one of them right now.

thecoffeesnob said...

I love how soft and chocolatey these buns are- the kind of things I always dreamt of having for breakfast as a kid!

For what it's worth by the way, I think you're doing a pretty good job at posting regularly given how often you travel for work. Have a great trip to China and be safe!

girlleastlikely said...

These look incredible ! So soft and delicious and chocolatey!

Edith said...

This looks like the one I really love in the bakery in Shaw Orchard.

tigerfish said...

the bun looks soft and pillowy - and with the ganache filling...PERFECT!

oh, so you are in the great firewall of china ? :O ...

Anh said...

oh yum!!

Allie said...

These look incredibly delicious! I'm tempted to make this in my maiden bread attempt!

Jeannie said...

Another delicious soft roll, I am still drooling over your coconut soft rolls!

maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog said...

U are one very dedicated lady, Shirley.. and i can tell from your blog posts itself!

If only all Hainanese can be this dedicated... erm, yes, i'm talking about me. :P

Back to your post, my boys will love me to bits if i were to make this for them...

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

This looks great! The texture is so soft and bet it tastes fantastic. I noticed last year during my visit that Blogger is totally blocked, too. Hate that the few English-speaking family members of mine can't see my blog. I think it's very possible to lead a full life and still blog, but if you feel it wearing on you, take a break and we will still be here when you get back :).

Zurin said...

I cant do the cone shape well ...its hard....i tried n gave up...:)

wow choc ganache and bread...what a treat!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

You did a great job with them Shirley! And thank you for the tips! :D

Jo said...

Hi Shirley, you hardly seem to be in Singapore of late (living out of a suitcase). The rolls look good and it has chocolate as well. I truly agree with you about "learning heaps" as I am like you. I would not have known half the baking ingredients, acroynms, etc if not for blogging. Let me know when you are back in Singapore and will try to organize a small group "catch-up".

Anonymous said...

Ooh...decadent. And I love dark chocolate. Lovely photos.


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