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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bill Granger's Spaghettini With Crab, Lime And Chilli

Crab Spaghetti1

Crab Spaghetti8

I am currently in love with Bill Granger's recipes. This is possibly the fourth time I have cooked from his cookbook. Previous attempts included the poached peach in Rose Water, crumpets and more recently the souffle pancake.. I bought his cookbooks after my third trip to Sydney last year and after my third visit to his restaurant Bills at Darlinghurst. I recall an avid recipe book collector friend once told me that somehow, she did not feel compelled to own his books because the recipes were so simple.
I totally agree with her on the simplicity part but boy, simple as they may be, they do work so beautifully.

Take this spaghettini number for example, as the forward to the recipe claims, it is an Asian-European fusion recipe that really works. It literally takes less than 10mins to put together and the flavours are so refreshingly addictive!  The zestiness of the citrus juices married beautifully with the chopped spring onion,coriander (the recipe called for parsley which I did not have) and crab meat. I went a little bit further by throwing in some chopped coriander roots and a dash of Old Bay seasoning and the end result, I swear, is totally restaurant worthy!
Crab Spaghetti7

I wish I had tried out this recipe earlier then I would most definitely have cooked it for the last party I hosted... with a dish so easy to put together, I would have more time to mingle with the guests than slogging over the stove!

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Crab Spaghetti4(250)
Spaghettini With Crab, Lime And Chilli (adapted from Bil's Sydney Food)
Recipe :

150g               Crab Meat
Juice & zest    2 limes
Juice               1 lemon
1 clove           Garlic, crushed
1/4 cup           Chopped coriander
1/4 cup           Chopped green spring onions
1 small            red chilli, finely chopped
1 stock            Coriander root, finely chopped
1 tsp                Sea Salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Dash               Old Bay seasoning
1/4 cup            Extra Virgin Olive oil
200g               Spaghettini

Method :

1. Place crab, lime and lemon juices, lime zest, garlic, cordiander, coriander root, spring onions , chilli, sea salt and pepper , Old Bay in a bowl and stir in olvie oil to combine. Taste to adjust the seasoning.

2. Cook Spaghettini in rapidly boiling salted water in a large saucepan, according to manufacturer's instructions. Drain well.

3. Toss pasta into crab mixture and serve in individual bowls.


Joyti said...

You know, I like eating simple foods. I think I'd like Bill Granger's recipe. They sound good. This one sounds really good. And your photograph is gorgeous.

La Table De Nana said...

This does look so good..again's your photos:) Wish I had that light..your shots are cristal clear.

mycookinghut said...

Very fresh flavouring!! I love it!

Natasha said...

I would eat anything, really anything, if there is coriander !!! And this dish is not an exception. Love your pictures, very fresh and clean

Cooking Gallery said...

I enjoy eating heavy pasta with meat sauce, but I also love eating simpler, lighter pasta such as aglio olio. I've never had pasta with crab meat, sounds and looks really delicious...!! Oh, btw, Happy New Year 2012 :)!

tinytearoom said...

ahh yes. It isn't just the simplicity of the ingredients but also the way he writes his recipes. The instructions are always straight forward and not full of too much chatter. Your pasta looks lovely and light.

daphne said...

I love a zesty dressing like this! Yes, his recipes are excellent!

Edith said...

Sounds like a simple and awesome dish! KIVing.

Jo said...

Simple and delicious! And I am a great fan of Bill Granger as well. Too bad they stopped airing his shows on cable.

pickyin @ LifeIsGreat said...

I almost got the cookbook. Only my resolution to cook more from my current stash instead of adding new ones to my living room floor stopped me.

Deb said...

Here in northern California it's crab season; a perfect time for this recipe. Simple and bursting with flavor, what could be better? Thanks for sharing a great recipe.

tigerfish said...

I like using angel hair as it cooks almost instantly (sometimes faster than instant noodles!) and the crab makes it so luxurious, and the citrus so refreshing. A winner!

Sherleen.T said...


Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

Lovely shots! And what a recipe.


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