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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fu Yong Egg White Broccoli

Brocolli 3

Brocolli 5

Brocolli 1

There was an article published in the local news paper, The Straits Times last week which caught my attention and made me a little pensive.  The article reported that 1/3 of the elderly population above 50 years old in Singapore are at risk of malnutrition. (that works out to be an absolute number of 300,000!) Some of these are from the lower income bracket who live alone while others are from normal, well to do background.

In today's affluent Singapore, it is hard to believe that there are people who are suffering from malnutrition because they cannot afford to eat well. I do not doubt that there will always be a small slice of the population who are less fortunate but this figure could never be 300,000 (of the above 50 year old bracket). I am strangely disturbed because I fear that I, myself would be part of that group in the years to come - primarily because I don't think I am,like most of these old folks, eating right.

I have seen elderly relatives within my family who are attempting to drastically change their eating habits because of health issues that have surfaced. Some are eating much less, eshewing carbs, oil and salt. I used to look forward to the delicious food cooked by my aunt but for almost 10 years now, her cooking has become bland and tastes like saw dust. She has practically cut off all salt, sugar and oil and is quick to buy into any health tip she reads and hears over the media. Sometimes, I think it is precisely these extreme paranoia that creates malnutrition.

I love my food and I am generally a small eater. However there are a few bad habits which I have not been able to kick - I don't like my greens and I don't drink enough water. These coupled wth my intent to stay slim, have me skipping meals and abstaining carbs.  The article was a small wake up call for me (at least for as long as it stays fresh in my mind) - I have to be disciplined and eat more vegetables.

I am not very creative when it comes to cooking vegetables. When I am at a lost, the 2 vegetables that I usually reach for are the Spinach or the Broccoli. This time, I decided to go with the trusted Broccoli because I have a can of crab meat in my pantry which would expire in another 3 months. I know broccoli may not be well liked by most people, but it is high in nutritional value. Kids are usually made to eat these by masking it with cheese. I like to 'mask' it with a good gravy. IMG_3729

I had steamed to cook the broccoli florets for 3 mins and drenched it with a gravy prepared separately. The crab meat and the flavourful gravy made the broccoli tasty... tasty enough to have me finish the full portion of vegetables. Today's quota for vegetables... Done! Thump thump!

Brocolli 250-100
Recipe :

Canned Crab Meat              45g
Ginger                                  2 slices
Spring Onion                        3-4 pieces (3-4 cm in length)

spring Onion, ginger                 3-4 pieces (3-4cm in length), 3 slices
Chicken consomme                 200g
Salt                                         1/3 tsp
Pepper                                   dash
Wine                                     1/2 tbsp
Sesame oil a little

corn flour                              2 tsp
water                                    4 tsp
Egg White 1

Method :
1. Cut broccoli into florets and steam over boiling water for 3 mins.
2. Season steamed florets with a little salt and sesame oil

3. In a hot wok, heat some oil and fry ginger and spring onion till fragrant. Add crab meat and season with a little salt and pepper. Dish out and set aside.
4. Heat up the wok again, add some oil and fry ginger and spring onion until fragrant. Remove ginger and spring onion from the wok and add the chicken consomme and heat until boiling. Add all seasonings. Mix the corn flour with water. Add slowly into the boiling liquid until the desired thickness is acheived.

5. Using a hand whisk, whisk in egg white. Scoop gravy over the broccoli and crabmeat.


Anh said...

Insightful post, Shirley. I totally agree with your take on the matter, and the broccoli looks yum!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Shirley, I like this dish. Anyway I like broccoli cooking in any style :).

busygran said...

A delicious way to have broccoli eaten!
Fortunately, all my grandsons love broc and spinach.

Anncoo said...

This beautiful dish is always available at most Chinese restaurants. I would like to try some, please ;))

zurin said...

I dont like my greens as well. never did. Maybe Im alredy malnourished..:(...yes healthy eating does lead to bland foods wh is why I have such a challenge keeping my blog interesting... without sucumbing to ill health..while keeping myself healthy..yet well confused.. Who says food blogging is easy! :D

MaryMoh said...

My children would love this dish. They love broccoli. The sauce looks very delicious. I think it's good to eat all types of food at moderate levels and do lots of exercise. I think over here lots of people are undernourished. There are lots of ready meals which I doubt give much nutritional values and to make matters worse, the cold weather makes lots of people stay in, watch TV and eat junk food. Have fun cooking and eating. Eat well and live well :D

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

I think I am very much the opposite. My mom used to nag me to eat more meat. And now, I'm eating more meat and loving meat more than I used to compared to my teens.

I love brocolli and I can eat them plainly steamed or blanched. My kids love the stem and not the florets, ahahah!!!

Anonymous said...

Super delicious the first photo. Thanks for sharing.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow that is quite a large number isn't it! Your dish looks lovely, this is one of my favourite dishes :D

Rabbittrick said...

I love broccoli! But you're right, I hardly eat it enough for there's so much food choices out there (can I get stir fry broccoli as a side on my char kway teow?)

I almost always eat it with oyster sauce. thanks for this brilliant recipe! sure perks up the palate

Joanne said...

I adore veggies but to be fair, broccoli is one of my favorites! This dish looks delicious and a great way to get non-veg lovers to eat them!

Maria @ ScandiFoodie said...

It's all about balance! But I guess I'm lucky because I love vegies of all kinds :-) This is a new recipe to me and it sounds really interesting and yummy!

thecoffeesnob said...

I'm lucky enough to love vegetables of all sorts and I certainly wouldn't say no to a plate of this. It looks like it would go down perfectly with a bowl of steamed rice, mmm!

Jen (Tastes of Home) said...

I actually love broccoli and this is one of my fav ways to eat broccoli - your crabmeat gravy looks soo yummy!


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